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Sore No-More® Massage Shampoo

Sore No-More® Massage Shampoo

$27.95 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
The world famous Sore No-More® Liniment is now combined with a plant-based shampoo. Sore No-More® Massage Shampoo is uniquely formulated without harsh sulfate cleansers. The arnica based, herbal shampoo cleanses while refreshing and revitalizing the body. Sore No-More® Massage Shampoo rinses easily, leaving hair silky smooth and shiny, without any residue.

Sore No-More® Massage Shampoo is a pure plant based shampoo concentrate free of the harsh detergent, sodium lauryl sulfate, a proven skin irritant. This gentle cleanser has the added benefits of the Sore No More® horse liniment. Tails no longer itch and hair grows back quickly. Great for dogs too!

Sore No-More® Massage Shampoo is for possible health issues including:

-Dry, sensitive skinned animals
-Unmanageable mane and tail
-Itchy, irritated skin

Sore No-More® Massage Shampoo benefits:

-Sodium lauryl sulfate FREE
-Makes the skin and coat resilient and healthy
-Excellent for use on chemically sensitive horses
-Good to use as an every day shampoo and can be used multiple times per day during competition without drying out skin and coat
-No excessive lather, quick and easy rinsing
-De-skunk your animals and get rid of unpleasant odors

The best of both - the Sore No-More® Liniment and performance shampoo all in one
Makes them look like a champion while making them feel like one too
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