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Soft Ride Comfort Boots
  • Soft Ride Comfort Boots

    Soft-Ride Comfort Boots are sold in pairs and include a pair of our patented Gel Orthotics. We offer 18 different sizes of boots, while orthotics are available in 18 sizes and six different densities.

    Make Soft-Ride Comfort Boots part of your lifestyle and ensure your horse’s comfort in the stable, when being transported, or when recovering from injury or disease.

    While Soft-Ride’s patented boots with gel orthotics protect a horse’s hooves, they also help keep your horse healthy. As a horse subtly shifts its weight while standing, the gel orthotic cushions and pushes against the bottom of the foot, helping to maintain proper blood flow to the entire foot and hoof.

    Soft-Ride's patented and interchangeable Gel Orthotics are the heart of the Soft-Ride system. Our Gel Orthotics conform to and support the sole of the hoof and the hoof wall on shod and unshod feet, providing unparalleled comfort for your horse. Soft-Ride Boots in sizes 2 through 7 include a pair of our standard, turquoise orthotics; size 8 through 10 boots include a pair of purple orthotics. Replacement or specialty orthotics are available and can be purchased in pairs.

    *A single boot should only be ordered when your horse has two different size hooves (in which case you will need to order two single boots of different sizes), or in the event that you need to replace a boot.
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