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Therapeutic Elbow Brace

Therapeutic Elbow Brace


Get your tennis game back on track with a BoT Elbow Brace. If you suffer from tennis elbow or tendonitis from too much time spent in front of a PC, this brace will give you relief. Constructed with state-of-the art, ceramic-infused Welltex fabric, which works with your natural body warmth to provide a gentle warmth. The ceramic powder reflects your own body warmth and creates a soothing FAR infrared thermal warmth. Warmth therapy is a well-recognized method used for improving blood flow and reducing inflammation.
XS, S, M, L, XL

  • For sizing, measure the circumference around your elbow 3" above the bend. We recommend a firm fit as the brace provides support as well.

    XS (less than 9"), S (9 – 10"), M (10 – 11"), L (11 – 12"), and XL (12 – 13").
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