Therapeutic Socks

If you suffer with foot problems such as poor circulation, pain, or inflammation, or you just like warm feet, you’ll want to try BoT socks! Constructed of their unique Welltex fabric that’s infused with ceramic powder, these socks reflect your natural body warmth and create a soothing far infrared thermal warmth. This gentle warmth improves circulation, eases pain, and reduces swelling. Initially, we recommend that you wear these socks during the day to get used to the warmth that they reflect. Since you move around more during the day, the socks will reflect that much more of your body warmth. Once you’re comfortable with them, you may find that you’d like to sleep with them at night as well. Ideal for people with Diabetes. Or you could just wear them for additional warmth. Sold as a pair. S, M, L.

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